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If you are an Acer user and facing a technical problem of black screen of death in your computer system, then you might get something helpful for you. If you face any confusion or you do not understand any step, you can directly connect to the experts by calling on Acer tech support number.

Steps to solve black screen of death in Acer laptops

  1. Remove AC adapter from your laptop.
  2. Take out the battery of your laptop.
  3. Format your Pen drive.
  4. Download and extract bios, which is an .exe file, compatible for your model of laptop.
  5. Now, extract the files of bios and send them to your pen drive.
  6. Connect your pen drive to your Acer laptop.
  7. Press Fn and ESC key together and simultaneously plug in the power adapter and Press power button.
  8. Now leave all the buttons and your laptop will start recovery of Bios.
  9. You will see that you problem gets solved.

If you have followed all the steps and your problem is still there, you can get online help from the tech experts who have sounding experience in their domain.

Experts not only provide you complete solution, they also offer you best customer service. Acer tech support provides you online help and support in order to resolve all the technical troubles that you face.

You must have enjoyed working on Acer laptop and computer as it is great device to work with. It provides you a pleasant experience of working on such a great device. Acer Company has tried its best to make a user friendly computer and laptop. But still there are some technical troubles that users face while using the Acer laptops and desktops.

All of the steps that are mentioned above are really working if you follow them in a proper manner. It can solve your black screen of death trouble easily. However, if you could not be able to find the correct solution, then there may be some unknown problem. Otherwise, if you follow the steps properly and in the same manner as they are mentioned, you will be able to get rid of your technical trouble.

Please perform the steps in the same sequence as they are written. If you disturb the sequence, it might change the result. So, follow the steps as they are expected. Then, it is a definite thing that you would be able to resolve your problem.

If anyhow, you do not get the proper solution, then you can consult an expert. There are some third party customer service providers who work for 24*7. These experts listen to you and solve your technical trouble.

Once you get connected to the expert, they will guide you how to solve the technical trouble of Acer laptop black screen of death technical trouble. Follow their step by step solution and get rid of your problem of death screen or black screen error.


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